Psalmus Diuersae

para-philanthropological safe space for online gambling addiction therapy and if erotica


PD2.13: /f - Lazy Sarphone Limits
PD2.12: emamouse - TheMouseWasher.wmv
PD2.11: cawa - bear linguistics
PD2.10: soft surprise studio - JUN
PD2.09: Madegg - Her Check
PD2.08: Kieran Daly & Robbie S. Taylor
PD2.07: Scotch BX - 1A (blanket authority)
PD2.06: /f - friendshipis love withouthis wings
PD2.05: cawa - угол (уголок)
PD2.04: Bryant Canelo - The Black Struggle
PD2.03: emamouse - plant spiral bio bombing
PD2.02: Bryant Canelo - TURKISH
PD2.01: /f - The Fourth Bully