cawa - угол (уголок)



1. The 3rd stage of repast photography
2. чибиизация
3. Office lady looking from a penguin costume hole
4. Dorm fight
5. fastidious fridge, key
6. fabric strong grey woolly
7. Hyperbolization mediocrity
8. 【Ёж-хранитель глава 4】歌ってみた
9. Lacking stamina to transform back
10. real shape of the apartment key

Each track (except #5) were recorded individually per CD.
Covers printed and hand painted by Cawa.
"No original version" - cawa

Laughs on track 4 by emamouse
Voice acting on track 5 by Daniel Paul Moore
Toys on track 7 by @itsagirI
Sonic fanfiction on track 8 written by Snezhana Belostropova

Produced in Moscow, Russia.
CD assembled in San Francisco.