/f - The Fourth Bully

Album contents:
1 x Static free ULINE bag with pencil drawing
1 x Dried tortilla
1 x Random E-METER circuit / part
1 x 4gb SD card of "The Fourth Bully" + extra
1 x Stripped alligator clip

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Tortilla not sold for consumption.


released February, 5th, 2016

The First Bully: A mirror with a cum stain on it
The Second Bully: 54%
The Third Bully: A dolmen
The Fourth Bully: Food & Technology (tortilla, SD card)
The Fifth Bully: A concrete block on a music stand
The Sixth Bully: 261 copies of doom 3 (immigration)
The Seventh Bully: A pair of uggs dipped in oil
The Eighth Bully: 100%

Tracklisting (translated to english)

1. the second bully
2. Love and Oil and Yui
3. tbs
4. 07.27_ce
5. 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5=96%
6. Dog (MT-32)
7. A(394)1!f;Vl4aje(sf)_[29,343,204]
8. girl who has led a sheltered life I
9. immigration officer (on the dock)
10. Xtal
11. I love the sky, oil spill (arabic)
12. 82% bx
13. Attendance and it is said to the boss Friday woke up !
14. "down there"
15. pierenvuerl
16. girl who has led a sheltered life II
17. Georgian minor
18. Oil Torture
19. End


Tal Robinson Alto Saxophone
Alexander Salnikov Violin
Antti Virtaranta Double Bass
Perry Trollope Arrangement
Rieko Okuda Piano
Xaveria Kali Vance Electronics
Charles Fitzpatrick SK-1, Skype
EmaMouse Voice