Kieran Daly & Robbie S. Taylor


Kieran Daly

A1. boss' brake solo for s on title screen
A2. kongby world everywhere-waived
A3. secret hack-a-kieran for NPC
A4. extra moveable fuj world

Robbie S. Taylor

B1. Qiuzi's Apartment
B2. Night Mage
B3. Timeline!
B4. Cockpit
B5. Power of Paba's Rage (Castle Halls)
B6. Successful
B7. Sheets of Sand
B8. Cutscene: Boonies
B9. Enemy Turn
B10. Kingdom's Schedule and Yaba Children
B11. The Goons (The Deal)
B12. Wardrobes
B13. Dungeon

Side A: EXS24 mkII, Fairlight CMI IIx, Linn LM-1, Yamaha DX7
Side B: Roland MT-32